Thank you for visiting illustrated memory – my online journal of thoughts and illustrations of memories, mostly on food, because my memory revolves around food. I am a New York – based children’s book author/illustrator. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, where my family lived for seven years. When my parents moved back to South Korea, I was two years old. I grew up in South Korea, then moved to New York in 2006 pursuing my dream to make books. My first picture book CAT ON THE BUS will be on the shelf this summer 2016, and I am currently working on my second picture book, inevitably about food.
While I love writing and drawing for children, and I firmly believe children’s book author/illustrator is the best occupation in the world, I often think grown-ups deserve to enjoy picture books made just for them. I myself enjoy and appreciate illustrated stories very much and it gave me an idea to start this blog. I re-live the time I loved by creating illustrations and writing about memories. While these stories are personal, I hope that you can relate to your own personal stories and reminisce about your memories, re-living the time you loved. And I hope you enjoy it!